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Street Art von Banksy in Hamburg zerstört – Kultur | Süddeutsche.de

Unbekannter zerstört letzten Banksy Deutschlands




  • Das letzte Werk des/der britischen Street-Art-Künstler/in Banksy in Hamburg wurde zerstört.
  • Eine Acrylglasscheibe sollte es vor äußeren Einflüssen schützen.
  • Die Zerstörung wurde offensichtlich mit Absicht vorgenommen.


Why we painted over Berlin’s most famous graffiti | Lutz Henke

Berlin’s gentrification and zombification is in full swing. We would rather destroy our street art than let it contribute to that process


One of the two murals in Kreuzberg by Italian artist Blu.

One of the two murals in Kreuzberg by Italian artist Blu. Photograph: Lutz Henke



Last week, from late Thursday night to early Friday morning, I and several others painted over two murals by Italian artist Blu in Kreuzberg, often referred to as Berlin’s most iconic street art. Since then, the German capital has been full of speculation as to who did this and why. Many assumed that property developers had killed off their beloved mural, and few realised that the people behind it were the ones who created it in the first place. So we have decided to tell our side of the story.


Pallet © Tomáš Moravec, 2008 | Vimeo



Standartized europallet,

modified to ride in the tram tracks.

Realized in Bratislava, Slovakia.



The space between the tram tracks in Bratislava is 435 mm narrower than

the gauge of tracks in Prague or Pilsen (1435 mm). The wooden europallet,

a basic feature of any warehouse or storage hall, with its standartized

1200×800 mm dimensions, when modified can only run on the tracks

in Bratislava.


A new transport vehicle brings change into the spatial perspective of a passenger

in motion and generally changes the life of the city, through which the pallet can run,

guided by a map of the city lines.

/ text by Martin Mazanec /


Banksy confirms he is creator of Spy Booth wall art near GCHQ | Art and design | theguardian.com

Guerrilla graffiti artist admits to painting three 1950s-style spooks near listening centre in Cheltenham


Possible Banksy Artwork Around A Telephone Box

Banksy has confirmed that he painted three spies near GCHQ in Cheltenham. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images


The guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed that he is the creator of an artwork showing trenchcoat-wearing, sunglass-sporting spies close to the surveillance agency GCHQ.


Dubbed Spy Booth, the image of three spooks equipped with listening devices and surrounding a phone box appeared in April on the corner of two residential streets in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.