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The World Coup – THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26] | YouTube


THE WORLD COUP! [Juice Rap News S02:E06]. All eyes are on Brazil as it endures… errr…. *hosts* the 2014 soccer World Coup – the most watched sporting event on the planet. Join Robert Foster as he investigates why many Brazilians are protesting against THIEFA, the shady organisation that runs the World Cup, and the rather fascist policies it has introduced to their country „for the good of the game“. But Brazil is not the only country to get shafted in this epic episode, which features exclusive interviews with captains of the strongest teams in the running for the notorious WORLD COUP. So, click play and find out why they really call it „The World Game.“


Anonymous Brazil ►Protests against the World Cup 2014 | Vimeo


The World Cup that government does not show to you. In 2014 the world will live the “Brazilian dream”. It’s the country of the World Cup, “blessed for God and beautiful for nature. That it’s a beauty”! But, what beauty? The World of Cup have implicit characters, but this the Government Brazilian choose to hide.


Let’s make a tour and know anymore about the “Brazil”!

When you arrive in Brazil, you tourists, will be surprised by assaults with guns. The records of SIM (Mortality Information Subsystem- of the Health Prosecutor’s) show that between 1980 and 2010 almost 800.000 citizens were killed by guns. This time, the victims escalated from 8.710 in 1980 to 38.892 2010, an increase of 346,5%! In 2013 the number of deaths after assaults, in São Paulo, increased by 74%. In the country the homicide rate is 20,4 for 100.000 habitants, the 8th highest among the countries with reliable statistics.


We know that another “character” will unfortunately be present; it’s called child prostitution. According to UNICEF in 2010 almost 250.000 children were prostituting themselves.


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Anonymous #OpMundial2014 | Vimeo



Anonymous Press release: Protests against the World Cup 2014.


Greetings World.

We are Anonymous.

We are pursuing the government of Brazil because of their corruption and actions against the people.


You have created a system which ensures the poor remain poor, and the wealthy remain wealthy. It is very clear to us that you have no intention of running the country for the people, but you will continue to run it for your own personal interest.


Anonymous demands that the Government of Brazil put an immediate end to corruption and stop the use of force and violence against peaceful demonstrators. We cannot stand idly while these injustices are being done. Know that we stand together and united to fight against this oppression.


We Are Anonymous.

We Are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.

Government of Brazil,

it is too late to EXPECT US


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AnonOps IRC Network (Anonymous Operations) ►




Qatar 2022: Sepp Blatter says corruption claims are racist | BBC Sport

Sepp Blatter


Fifa president Sepp Blatter claims allegations surrounding the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid are motivated by racism.


Qatar was chosen as host in December 2010 but corruption claims have prompted Fifa to begin an inquiry.


„There is a sort of storm against Fifa relating to the Qatar World Cup,“ Blatter said. „Sadly there’s a great deal of discrimination and racism.“


Fifa will rule on the validity of the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in September or October.


At that point, the 78-year-old president of football’s world governing body said the „matter will be closed“.