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Affluent drunk driving teen who killed 4 sentenced to probation on ‚affluenza‘ defense | RT USA

Screenshot from YouTube user pouchon gerard

Screenshot from YouTube user pouchon gerard

Prosecutors asked State District Judge Jean Boyd to impose a 20-year sentence. Yet, despite the severity of Couch’s crime, Boyd handed down a sentence of just 10 years probation and mandated that the 16-year-old receive therapy at a long-term, inpatient facility near Newport Beach, California.

Defense attorneys pressed for such a sentence and told the court that Couch’s family would be willing to pay the estimated $450,000 for his therapy out-of-pocket. […]

“The teen never learned to say that you’re sorry if you hurt someone,” psychologist Gary Miller said. “If you hurt someone you sent him money.”



s.a. Affluenza (en.wikipedia.org), bzw. Konsumismus (de.wikipedia.org)