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Android „Fake ID“ Vulnerability Allows Malware to Impersonate Trusted Apps | The Hacker News




Researchers at BlueBox security, who identified the vulnerability, dubbed the flaw as Fake ID, which affects all versions of Android operating system from 2.1 (released in 2010) up to Android 4.4, also known as KitKat.




s.a.: Android Fake ID Vulnerability Lets Malware Impersonate Trusted Applications, Puts All Android Users Since January 2010 At Risk – Bluebox Security.

Android Simplelocker ransomware encrypts SD card files | BBC News

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The security firm says the Android-targeting Trojan malware is the first of its kind


A security firm says it has found the first confirmed case of ransomware that encrypts files held by Android devices.


Eset reports that the Trojan – called Simplelocker – targets SD cards slotted into tablets and handsets, electronically scrambling certain types of files on them before demanding cash to decrypt the data.


The message is in Russian, and payment is requested in Ukrainian currency.


One expert said the threat was noteworthy, but limited at this stage


iBanking: Exploiting the Full Potential of Android Malware | Symantec Connect Community

The tool, known as iBanking, is one of the most expensive pieces of malware Symantec has seen on the underground market and its creator has a polished, Software-as-a-Service business model.  […]

How it works

Attackers use social engineering tactics to lure their victims into downloading and installing iBanking on their Android devices. The victim is usually already infected with a financial Trojan on their PC, which will generate a pop up message when they visit a banking or social networking website, asking them to install a mobile app as an additional security measure.