„Underground music gives you a level of deep satisfaction that no other genre can deliver“ says Miguel Bastida and Florian Kaltstrøm, the newest members of the SCI+TEC family and the duo behind the Conflict of Life EP.


Both accomplished DJs, Miguel and Florian have combined their studio knowledge and skills in an attempt to reach, what they see as, the next level as electronic artists. A mutual friend introduced the pair to Dubfire and it wasn’t long before the SCI+TEC boss was road-testing their tracks in his sets. It may have taken some time, but soon enough the right tunes came together and their Conflict of Life EP was born.

Their double-header is very much a tale of two halves. The title track is a deep, hypnotic and mysterious number. Throbbing bass, spooky guitar notes and an eerie vocal add to its unnerving feel.

Stereotipo on the flip ramps things up. Powered by its mighty kick drum and adorned with shimmering hi-hats, this strong tech number fits the label’s sound to perfection.


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  1. Danny

    Es ist eigentlich genial und beschreibt tatsächlich den Konflikt. Es benötigt allerdings einige Tage Diesen auch anzunehmen. Im zweiten Teil fehlte mir zwar die durchdringende Basstiefe, war aber eindeutig schöner (jedenfalls für mich )

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