Apparently it’s okay to post naked photos to Facebook, as long as you’re not a woman | PandoDaily



Facebook has deleted the University of Warwick female crew team’s page from its network for posting nude photographs. (All of the subjects covered their private parts with life vests, oars, and other props, so the images weren’t sexually explicit.) The problem? The male crew team’s page wasn’t deleted even though it posted similar photographs, which means that Facebook is once again demonstrating the disconnect between its censorship of the male and female body.


Just to drive that point home, Facebook deleted the New Yorker’s page because it posted a drawing of a naked woman in which “female nipple bulges” — I really can’t get over the horror of that phrase — were clearly visible. The man’s nipples, which were also ink blots made to look like some portion of the human anatomy, were fine. That is the epitome of ridiculousness.



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