▶ The Worst Demo Tape Compilation in the World – Ever | YouTube


From the late 1980’s, a tape, compiled by a UK record company – and made purely for internal use – featuring the worst songs they’d ever been sent from the thousands of demo tapes they received each year.


No details of artists of track names sadly, so I’ve made an educated-ish guess. This album will hopefully haunt you for life…


Track 1 – Nothing Compares 2 U

Track 2 – I Need a Sign (by Truly)

Track 3 – I Need a Girl (by Truly)

Track 4 – You Are The Best Thing in the World (by Richard Killick)

Track 5 – Jamie

Track 6 – Alfreston

Track 7 – Brown Brown

Track 8 – Santaland

Track 9 – Foggy Doggy Rainy Janey Sunny Honey Snowy Joey Christmas

Track 10 – All the People with the Money


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