Hackers reverse-engineer NSA’s leaked bugging devices – tech – 18 June 2014 | New Scientist

Turn on, tune in, sneak out (Image: Michael Olivers/Alamy)

Turn on, tune in, sneak out (Image: Michael Olivers/Alamy)

RADIO hackers have reverse-engineered some of the wireless spying gadgets used by the US National Security Agency. Using documents leaked by Edward Snowden, researchers have built simple but effective tools that can be attached to parts of a computer to gather private information in a host of intrusive ways.


The NSA’s Advanced Network Technology catalogue was part of the avalanche of classified documents leaked by Snowden, a former agency contractor. […]


Having figured out how the NSA bugs work, Ossmann says the hackers can now turn their attention to defending against them – and they have launched a website to collate such knowledge, called NSAPlayset.org. „Showing how these devices exploit weaknesses in our systems means we can make them more secure in the future,“ he says.


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