As jihadists take aim at Baghdad, Iran steps in to help historical foe | Fox News


Sept. 22, 2011: Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard march during a parade to commemorate the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) in Tehran.Reuters


Iran is coming to the aid of its historic nemesis, sending elite fighters to Iraq in the wake of a Sunni insurgency that has claimed two key northern cities and now threatens Baghdad, Fox News has learned.




After U.S.-trained security forces dropped their weapons and fled their posts in Mosul, the regime in Baghdad has reason to fear for its survival, an intelligence official said.


“Baghdad is going to be overrun,“ he said. „The Green Zone is going down.”


Although Iran and Iraq were at war in the 1980s, both the Maliki regime and the rulers in Tehran are Shi’ite, and Iran does not want a fanatical jihadist takeover of its neighbor.




ISIS, a Sunni Islamic jihadi group, which is an offshoot of Al Qaeda, has gained control of geopolitically vital cities in both Syria and Iraq over the last year. It considers Shi’ite Muslims heretics that must be killed at the sword. Its goal is to cleanse Iraq from its Shiite influences.


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