UK Psychedelic – DJ Tristan Mix – **FREE DOWNLOAD** by djtristan | SoundCloud


Hey guys!


Here is a Free mix of my recent „UK Psychedelic“ Trance compilation!


Download the Free continuous Mix here on my Soundcloud.


And if you keen on any of the tracks by themselves, they are still available for Free on the Nano Records Website, just click the „Get the Tracks“ button.


Track order >


Beautiful Garden- Tristan and Raja Ram

Blueshaft- Tristan and Magik

Free Induction- K.I.M

Meerlust- Masterblasters

Cosmic Order- Aphid Moon

Purple Om- Tristan and Nigel

Trigger- Dickster

Wierd Effects- Laughing Buddha

Ancient Knowledge- Cosmsis & Burn in Noise – Avalon rmx

Sonic Staircase- Sybarite

Tokyo Sunrise- Sonic Species



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