The Kids Arrested in the Largest Gang Bust in NYC History Got Caught Because of Facebook | VICE News

It’s no secret that teenagers can be pretty stupid about their social media habits, and this also seems to be true for kids that may be street smart.


Some 103 alleged gang members were indicted on Wednesday in what authorities have called the largest gang takedown in New York City’s history, a takedown largely made possible by a long trail of incriminating Facebook messages the young suspects left behind.



“They are Facebook dummies,“ Rev. Vernon Williams, a Harlem pastor who has spent years trying to curb youth violence in the neighborhood, told VICE News. „Because the stuff that they were saying, that was gonna come back to bite them, especially admitting participating in crimes, admitting getting the weapons that were gonna be used in crimes, and then calling someone in a state prison and giving them a report of what they did.”


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