A U.S. ambassador was just sworn in on a Kindle | Washington Post

On Monday, Suzi LeVine became the first U.S. ambassador (she’s the American representative to Switzerland) to be sworn in on an e-reader:


LeVine took the oath on a digital copy of the U.S. Constitution stored on a Kindle Touch. But that’s not the only time a digital device has replaced its dead-tree predecessor. […]
It won’t be long now ‚til we see a president take the oath of office by resting his hand on a bunch of pixels. Sure, we’ll always have those who prefer the nostalgic choice. Like John Brennan, the director of the CIA, who was sworn in on an original draft of the Constitution. But the private ceremony caused an unexpected ruckus when critics complained that the draft didn’t contain the Bill of Rights.
If only the Founders had written in PDFs.


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