Bilderberg at 60: inside the world’s most secretive conference | World news |

Back in the 1950s, when Bernhard sent out the invitations, it was to discuss „a number of problems facing western civilization“. These days, the Bilderberg Group prefers to call them „megatrends“. The megatrends on this year’s agenda include: „What next for Europe?“, „Ukraine“, „Intelligence sharing“ and „Does privacy exist?“


[…] There’s something distinctly chilling about the existence of privacy being debated, in extreme privacy, by people such as the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the board member of Facebook Peter Thiel: exactly the people who know how radically transparent the general public has become.


And to have them discussing it with the head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, and Keith Alexander, the recently replaced head of the National Security Agency. And with people such as the head of AXA, the insurance and investment conglomerate – Henri de Castries. Perhaps no one is more interested in data collection and public surveillance than the insurance giants. For them, privacy is the enemy. Public transparency is a goldmine.


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