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LOL is celebrating a big birthday this year


LOL is 25 years old. Since its first recorded use in May 1989, LOL has completely transformed how we live. We text it to each other. We write it on pictures of animals. We say it out loud if we want people to think that we’re creepy sociopaths.




Oldest contemporary LOL


This is generally recognised to have taken place on page 11 of an International FidoNet Association Newsletter dated 8 May 1989, sandwiched between a notice about new software releases – including „Realistic Cake Mixing Simulation“ and „Fun Nuclear War Game“ – and a brief article about UFOs. LOL, mentioned as a suggested acronym for „laughing out loud“, has arguably fared better than H, which was the article’s recommended shortening of „HUH???“. The piece ends with this unwitting warning from history: „I hope this makes for more colourful communicating. Just remember the quote … ‚Anything that can be said in a few words isn’t worth saying.'“


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