welle: erdball – 23 (DVD Version) | YouTube


A classic masterpiece by german bitpop pioneers welle: erdball . In this track the music is done entirely by a single Commodore C=64.

The video is taken from the bonus DVD of their 2006 broadcast „Chaos Total“ and combines footage from several live gigs with some simple animations, the song itself however is obviously the studio recording. The song was originally released in 2000 on the „Starfighter F-104G“ EP. Although the song’s female voices belong to former band members Soraya.vc and KayCat the footage in the video seems to show current singer Frl. Venus sometimes next to former band member Zara and sometimes with Soraya.vc .

The lyrics about Hagbard Celine and his computer F.U.C.K.U.P. who live in their golden submarine „Leif Erikson“ fighting the infamous world-wide conspiracy of Adam Weishaupt’s order of the Illuminati were apparently inspired by Robert Shea’s and Robert A. Wilson’s ILLUMINATUS! books.


The chorus, roughly translated:

Whatever we do,

whereever we go

the illuminati are in the system.

They are controlling everywhere

and their number is 23.


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