Linus, the developer’s security blankey | SD Times: Software Development News

When I was about 4 years old, I had a blankey. I took it everywhere, and my parents assured me that it was completely disgusting and filthy at almost all times due to my unwillingness to part with it even long enough to be washed.


While my blankey is now in a trunk at my parents‘ house, I still have a security blanket: Linus Torvalds. As long as Linus is there, working on the Linux kernel, I know I’m safe, warm and comfortable. He’s like some sort of ancient god, casting his light upon his followers and sheltering them from the evils of other false deities.


Linus, a god? Well, if you’re a software developer that has spent any time at all working in organizations, open-source projects, or even local groups like hackerspaces or non-profit community centers, you should be intimately familiar with just why Linus deserved the 2014 IEEE Computer Pioneer Award.


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