#16 – Anne Roth supports We Promise | YouTube


Vote for your digital rights! http://www.wepromise.eu/en


The European election will take place between 22 and 25 May 2014. Citizens, promise to vote for candidates that have signed a 10-point charter of digital rights. Show candidates that they need to earn your vote by signing our charter!


Anne Roth lives in Berlin. She is a political scientist by education and describes herself as a media- and netactivist. In 2007 Anne Roth became the „colateral damage“ of a terrorism investigation against her partner, Andrej Holm. He was wrongly detained and finally in 2010 the investigation was dropped. In this context Anne began to write extensively about living with anti-terror surveillance and started her blog in 2007 to document her experience. Also she often contributes as speaker on different events, conferneces and public demonstrations. PLease find further information on her blog: http://annalist.noblogs.org/


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