Protesters in Ukraine guard biggest weapons cache in eastern Europe | World news |

At least 1m firearms ranging from first world war machine guns to Soviet-era Kalashnikovs stored at Volodarsky salt mine

Situation in Ukraine's Donetsk Region

People outside an ammunition depot at Volodarsky mine. The sign reads: ‚We are for a peace/world without war.‘ Photograph: Rogulin Dmitry/Itar-Tass/Corbis


Since March a group of protesters have been guarding the entrance to the Volodarsky salt mine, which holds an underground collection of at least a million firearms ranging from first world war heavy machine guns to Soviet-era Kalashnikovs.


The protesters say they are there to prevent the new government from using the weapons against them, but officials and analysts worry that pro-Russia militias could seize the guns.


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