[367] A Visitors Guide to North Korea, World’s Most Prolific FOIA Filer, Pat Tillman’s Real Legacy | YouTube



Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Earth Day 2014, Yemen’s Deadliest Drone Strikes, North Korea Misconceptions, Pat Tillman’s Real Legacy, and Terrorist Activism.


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EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin discusses the importance of Earth Day. Abby then reports on a wave of US drone strikes that killed as many as 55 people in Yemen, marking one of the deadliest weekends since the advent of drones, and also on a federal court’s ruling to disclose aspects of a classified memo detailing the legal justification for assassination of US citizen Anwar al Awlaki by way of drone strike. Abby then speaks with hip hop artist and journalist, Marcel Cartier, who recently returned from a trip to North Korea, discussing some of the largest misconceptions westerners have about the country. Abby then commemorates the anniversary of the death of professional football player and Army ranger, Pat Tillman, whose death by way of friendly fire was covered up by army officials to hide his strong views against the Afghanistan war. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Ryan Shapiro, who is regarded as the most prolific FOIA researcher in the America, discussing the unfair provisions of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and why the FBI has labeled his PhD dissertation as a ‚threat‘ to national security.


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