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Everyone knows not to make bomb jokes at the airport. You just don’t do it. […] The point is to be inconspicuous. The less you say, and the more you look and act like every other business traveler, then the more likely it is that you will pass through security and customs unmolested by any special airport screening or extra questioning. […]

What if the airport were everywhere?

[…] It may not feel like we’re in an airport security line when we connect to the internet. Most people in “western liberal democracies” rarely encounter punishment for something they say online. This massive surveillance usually doesn’t even feel like a privacy violation in the way that we normally understand violation; […] It’s all just data. The creepy factor of being watched by someone isn’t there for most of us. Unless you are subject to intimate and targeted surveillance, the kind of close watching of which people like Laura Poitras, Jacob Appelbaum, and members of New York City’s Muslim community are made objects, then the mass surveillance of the net remains abstract. […]

Life without hope and struggle is not worth living. Code, leak, and hack against the dying of the light.

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