Popular Chrome Extensions Are Being Bought By Malware Makers | OMG! Chrome!


Millions of Chrome users place their trust in the hands of extension developers. But what happens when add-ons are sold to a new owner?

In what sounds like the paranoid conspiracy theory of an anti-Google shill, some popular Chrome extensions are reportedly being bought up by pedlars of malware looking for a fast way to infect thousands of users at once.

This is precisely what happened to one of Chrome’s most popular* third-party Feedly extensions. […]

Chrome extensions are updated silently in the background, so the majority of users would have been unaware that the spammy links, pop-up ads, and intrusive affiliate code embeds, suddenly affecting each and every site they visited were the fault of their dependable Feedly add-on. […]

*We’ve chosen not to include a link to the add-on mentioned in this article.

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