▶ Germany: Protesters denounce ‚danger zone‘ by burning trees | YouTube


Around 800 protesters gathered at Wohlwill street in central Hamburg to protest against the the recently implemented ‚danger zone‘ in the city center on Friday. Protesters played drums and built a barricade with fir trees, which was quickly removed by police. Around 30 policemen have been deployed to secure the area although they left the scene before demonstrators dispersed. Protesters also brandished toilet brushes, which have become a symbolic weapon of the fight against police. Hamburg authorities implemented the ‚danger zone‘ on Thursday 9. Also called the ‚risk area‘, it was decreed on Saturday 4 after hundreds of protesters were injured in riots over gentrification. Police have been granted special powers to stop and search people and even ban protesters from the area. Police presence has also been reduced from to 6 p.m to 6 a.m.


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